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Today, good credit is the one constant necessity needed to succeed in any endeavor, from starting a new business venture to purchasing a home. Without having established prior good credit and maintaining this status, re-establishing decent credit can be a very difficult task. The need for credit and a good credit history is further enhanced by the internet, considering that a large majority of credit card transactions are conducted on the net, it is almost imperative that consumers have a valid major credit card. Yet in the modern world a vast number of consumers suffer bad or poor credit, and lack the knowledge or skills to rectify this situation.

This is not contributed to a lack of willingness on their part to correct or establish a good credit report, but to a lack of understanding the laws that are available to the consumer. The most important of these laws is the Fair Credit Reporting Act; this act gives the consumer the right to correct any inaccuracies contained on their credit file. The act regulates credit reporting agencies, and what can be contained in the consumers’ credit report. Yet, the most important section of the FCRA is it gives the consumer the ability to dispute entries that are obsolete or inaccurate, and items that may not belong to the consumer. Correcting a credit report is not as easy as it appears; it requires a tremendous amount of time and effort on the part of the consumer.

The truth is that every person has the right to correct their own credit, but dealing with creditors and credit reporting agencies is difficult if they are not familiar with the credit repair process. There are a large number of books and do-it-yourself kits covering credit repair topics that the consumer can purchase, but experience in dealing with these agencies is the only way to get a good understanding of how the entire process works. But for those that want to venture into this process without the help of a professional, be prepared to exert a tremendous amount of time and effort to clear just one incorrect entry.

Hiring one of the professional credit repair organizations, for instance a company like Lexington Law Firm whose website is located at, can relieve the consumer of some of the burdens associated with cleaning their credit. Although the consumer can accomplish the same results as a professional, the fact is that if you never repaired a car would you read a book and feel you could repair it without help from a professional mechanic, probably not. Yet, these same people are willing to venture into trying to repair their financial future alone which may cost them more financially in the long run than hiring a professional credit repair organization.

Unlike the majority of companies claiming they can repair your credit, but only specialize in selling do-it-yourself repair kits, Lexington Law Firm is a full-service credit repair organization that works with consumers to clear their past bad credit, and help rebuild or establish new credit. A word of caution when paying for repair services, there are a lot pf unscrupulous companies claiming they can repair or establish a new credit identity, but before dealing with these companies know the laws that regulate the credit repair industry, these laws can be found at the Federal Trade Commissions website under the Credit Repair Organizations Act at the FTC Website, where you can also find the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Now that you have a better understanding of credit, and what is needed to rebuild damaged credit, along with the laws that protect the right of consumers, you should have a firm start to rebuilding your credit. The first step to rebuilding good credit is to gain access to your credit report, most credit reports contain instruction that help you understand them, […] offers a free copy of your Credit Report and Credit Score that explains your credit in layman’s terms, so you can be more aware of your credit situation.

Getting The Perfect Credit You Deserve

In An attempt to describe perfect credit it is almost impossible to put into words because perfect credit is a myth. The best the majority of consumers can achieve is good credit, and this is due to the fact that we are human, and as humans we have a tendency to err. Yet, good credit is still a goal that is still unattainable by a large number of consumers because their credit is damage at a young age. The best concept devised is a report entitled “Using Credit Wisely” that discusses how to use credit, but we come into contact with credit at an early age and start the damaging process, which leads us to a lifetime of bad credit!!!

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